I have a massive project that barely fits on my Ender 5 plus. This piece must be able to resist up to 105 degrees celsius, be very strong, and resistant to the weather. It also cannot have any carbon fiber in it because it is being used for a radar application, and carbon fiber is a conductor.

The specs of the upgraded Ender 5 plus machine I plan to use are:

Max temp: 290 degrees
Hot end: Phaetus dragonfly
Nozzle: Tungsten carbide
ABL: Yes
Motherboard: Creality silent board
Extruder: BMG2.0 from triangle labs, with hardened gears
Extrusion system: Bowden tube
Enclosed: Creality enclosure

I was considering some of the Zortrax filaments that we sell at 3BA, such as Z-PCABS. However, none of the Zortrax filaments have a temperature resistance above 105 degrees, except for pure nylon, which I most definitely cannot print without serious shrinkage issues, even with an enclosure, and which is too big for my Zortrax M300 plus or M300 dual, which are vastly superior machines that I could trust more to print with warping filaments.

Currently, I have narrowed my options down to Polymaker Polymide GF, which is a glass fiber based nylon with very low shrinkage. I was wondering if given my system info, anyone can recommend, or recommend against this filament. Please provide reasoning if you have time, I would greatly appreciate it. If you have any other filaments that you can recommend, please let me know.