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    Question Ender 3: strange shape deviations

    Hi first
    I have a problem with my 3D printer and I just do not get any further. Therefore I turn to the forum now. Maybe one of you has a solution.
    • I am using a Creality Ender 3
    • I replaced the original mainboard (v1.3 I think) with a new version (v4.2.7, my goodness is that suddenly quiet xD)
    • I use Marlin firmware v0.0.6
    • I also bought extra belt tensioners with adjusting screws in order to be able to adjust the tension on the x-y axes more easily and more reliably
    • I had to replace the hotend because it broke apart while cleaning it xD
    • I use an analog caliper to measure print results
    • I still work with PLA (1.75 mm from Sainsmart)
    • I use Ultimaker Cura as a slicer, now version 4.10

    #ACTUAL ISSUE#When I try to print an M6 washer as a test object, I notice that there are unsightly deviations in shape. I noticed the following:
    1. The bottom layer is always approx. 0.2 - 0.5 mm too wide in diameter.
    2. After the bottom layer, the diameter suddenly decreases at first and gradually increases up to the target value.

    Also there are a few pictures of the matter attached. The washers should each have a bevel on the top, which also points upwards in the pictures.I've tried a lot: on the one hand to change the settings in Cura, on the other hand to readjust a few points on the printer. So far I have been unsuccessful.
    I would be happy to receive suggestions for solutions!
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    Have you ever done calibration test print:
    Something like the aforemention?
    Have you also calibrated your 3D printer?
    Based on the images I believe it might be filament flow rate issue (e-steps or flow rate setting in cura) or a bed height leveling issue (either the actual leveling or z off-set)

    Also the surface finish is rather inconsistent, is it possible it’s your filament batch? Have you optimized your setting for that filament? Or switch filament recently and haven’t cleaned the nozzle?

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