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    Exclamation Help printing with ABS, almost there! One issue, check these pictures please

    I got the PEI board, calibrated the extruder, covered all drafts from coming into play, doing everything I can to print with ABS because this part must be more resistant than PLA.

    I got this issue withthe print now, seems like an extruder issue, can you please shed some light on it? Thank you very much!!!

    Ender 3 Pro


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    Hard to tell, but looks like high spots on the bed. Maybe back off from the bed a touch.

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    Thank you Martin, you were right, its much better now. Although I wish I could lower the back two axis more but with the glass and the PEI on top the wheels wont turn any further.

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    try PETG, less difficult for an entry level printer, ABS requires everything to be just right.

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    try moving the end stop micro switch a mm or so in the z direction to compensate for the extra bed height. From the pictures the top surface of the print bed seems very uneven which won't help!

    ABS can be very difficult to print and in the end I found some brands I could print effortlessly others not at all some would stick to the bed so well tht when the shrunk the layers split apart, all this in a heated enclosure.

    I print ABS on a Tufnol sheet with ABS milk as the adhesion promotor, with the usable filament brand it works every time!!

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    yeah - more resistant to what ?

    abs is soluble in different stuff to pet-g and pla.

    All have their uses - but I try not to ever use abs lol

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