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    Why do forex markets move?

    Central banks move forex markets dramatically through monetary policy, exchange regime setting, and, in rare cases, currency intervention. Corporations trade currency for global business operations and to hedge risk. Overall, investors can benefit from knowing who trades forex and why they do so.

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    I think that it is not a bank or banks themselves, more than anything, they are the people who have greater control in the market, if you need more information enter here, because you will need to know more about this world of digital marketing and the sale of different cryptos that are born every day to increase consumption and user satisfaction.

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    Forex Spread Betting

    Forex spread betting is a type of wagering that allows you to gain exposure to price fluctuations in the forex market. It's different to forex trading, which is more about profiting from the movement in the forex prices. Spread betting brokers offer investors the opportunity to trade on many different currencies, with prices updated every second using financial spread betting.

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