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    Ender 3 v2 printing issue

    I have just recently assembled an ender 3 v2 and have faced some issues with my first test prints.
    Appreciate any help to to try and resolve these issues.

    1. Benchy - seam line impossible to remove
    2. Distorition on layers on shape

    I have attached photo's of each problem.

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    You won't get rid of the seams. You can set them to occur in random locations for each layer in most slicers, or set them to occur on corners. That's usually a good way to hide them. The other thing to do is work on your retraction/prime settings in your slicer to try and minimise them. Use the benchy model as a test case and try to end up with just a small mark, rather than the current big lump of filament.I'd spend a bit of time trying to minimise the lump, then shift the seam position to a corner and see if that improves things.

    Distortion, or bad layers/gaps. What am I looking for here?

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    Martin answered about the seam.
    For the "gaps" I have similar problem from time to time... you may have some obstruction in the hotend, remove the nozzle and the PTFE tube and make sure that the hole is clear.
    Also check this:

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