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    Beginner to printing, Prusa i3 mk3s+ over $550 more then Ender 3 V2 is it worth it?

    I was looking at getting a bigger printer originally but I think I’m going to start a bit smaller and work my way up. I am happy to spend up to £1500. I’ve been looking around and researching more and the prusa i3 mk3s+ looks good the only problem is I'm in the UK and when I add shipping and tax it comes to £750. I can get the Ender 3 V2 for £280 and parts seems easier to get here as well. Is the prusa worth the extra £470, I thought I may be able to get some upgrades for the ender with the difference in cost. I don’t know much about the software side and if that makes a big difference. I was also looking at the Creality CR-6 SE as it has more features but it did not have the best reviews. Any advice would be appreciated so I can narrow it down and finally get a printer.
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