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    Help Deciding on First Printer

    Yet another which one should I buy thread...I couldn't find any on these particular printers but if there is one please post a link!

    I am trying to pick out my first printer and can't decide between the Creality CR-10 V3 Direct Drive and the CR-10 Smart due to their larger print volumes. As far as I can tell the two seem to be basically the same printer besides the Direct Drive vs Bowden hot ends, and the smart having a few more luxuries(mainly the auto-leveling bed seems appealing). Would I be better off getting the CR-10 Smart and upgrading to a direct drive later on, or is it better to stick with the manufacturers hot end and just sticking with manual adjustments?

    I want to be able to print with flexible filaments which from what I've read it is better to have a direct drive hot end? Also please post any other printers you'd recommend!

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    Artillery sidewinder is a decent alternative to the CR10 series.

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    I'll have to check that one out, thanks!

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    to actually answer the question.
    Go with the direct drive.

    bed mapping (it's not levelling) is cheap to add and while it is possible to print flexibles with a shortish bowden tube, a direct drive extruder is always the preferred and better option. Plus a bl-touch is an optional extra on the v3 anyway.
    In other words the system is already setup for it, so it should be a simple bolt on job to add one at a later date if it proves your printbed is not flat.

    Now I don't say this very often about creality machines - but apart from the crappy bed mounting system which puts the entire bed on a narrow strip in the centre - the cr10 v3 dd is a decent looking printer.

    The artillery has the same bed mounting system. But lacks the bracing for the vertical gantry the cr10 v3 has.
    On balamce I'd have to say the cr10 v3 is the better designed the two machines and has the more solid frame.

    Personally - at the moment - I'd go for a tenlog:
    They are currently the only 3d printer manufacturers offering a reasonably priced I3 printer with linear rails and proper I3 bed mounting with side supports for the bed.
    Just better build and mechanics all round. And has idex extruders which is a major bonus if you intend to print anything that needs supports.
    Or just fancy using two co,ours or say: rigid and flexible materials in the same print.

    Not quite as large a print volume as the cr10 v3.
    But the rest is all better.

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    I thought the CR-10 Smart said it had autoleveling, but I may be remembering wrong.

    I hadn't thought too much about the bed supports, but having multiple rails does sound like a plus. The dual extruder setup sounds like it could be a lot of fun to play around with, and the build volumes are close enough for my purposes I think.

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    There is a forum member who has just bought a tenlog:

    so you can pm fierson22 for an actual hands on review - he's a nice chap :-)

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