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    Post Should kitchen be at front or back of house?

    Kitchens can be placed wherever in the house. There's no set location where a kitchen must be. Kitchens are often set in the back of the house, like the living room and family decor are often showcased in the front of the house. There are, however, no rules and regulations behind having a kitchen in front of the house. For your kitchen designing please visit

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    Do you know where can I find a modern blender?

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    Well, there are plenty on Amazon. It depends on what kind of blender you are looking for. I own the Blendtec Total Classic, and I like it. I think. it's one of their pocket-friendly models. I've been using it for almost 4 years, day by day, and it still works like new. However, I use it mostly for sauces, and cream soups. Anyway, you better take a look at blenderjournal first. It's a nice guide that contains useful information about all models. They have small description regarding their technical features, and a list of pros and cons. Therefore, it will be easier for you to make the right choice!
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