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    I have a question about Pellet Extruders for 3D Printers.?

    From what I understand, Pellet Extruders take small pellets that you buy and melt them down into the wire used in 3D Printers. My question is, could I grind up old projects and use the bits as Pellets? Noob question, I know. Thank You!Update:Yes, I was considering ordering one of those. But, you in no way answered my question Bob.

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    The short answer is you could grind up unneeded prints. But wthout proper temperature processing of the plastic - which i doubt an add on hopper will do. The results will not be very good.

    Where did you see a pellet hopper for desktop printers ?

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    Usually people shred the plastic and then run the shredded plastic through a filament extruder. Filament extruders are not that expensive - typically a few hundred. If you can get the pellets, or suitable shredded plastic, then having a separate filament extruder is probably more economical, and convenient, than trying to run them through a printer.

    The major cost is the shredder, which usually costs a fair bit.

    A really good resource for plastic recycling machines is They have a variety of open source machines for shredding, extruding, injection molding, etc.

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