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    Ender 3V2 printing issue

    Hello,I am trying to print a fairly simple object yet I keep getting the same issue.As you can see in the pictures the print quality is bad with all the blobs on the vertical part of the print.I have leveled the bed many times and I keep getting this issue. I have also calibrated the esteps. I have replaced the PTFE tube as well.I am printing with Sunlu PLA+. I was printing at 220 but now that I set it at 200 the result is a little bit better but it has not gone away.Please advise on how to fix this.Note: I have 2 Ender 3 V2's and the other printer is printing the same files pretty much perfect.

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    My first to Prints with PLA I set the temp from 192-196C.

    After replacing hot-end heater and thermister. Now 3D Print from 200-208C using the same PLA.

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