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    Kiri:Moto free multipurpose 'slicer'

    Saw this on a Naomi Wu video. Another badly designed creality printer. But the software she was using.
    Very interesting.
    It's browser based, which I'm not keen on.

    But what makes it unique and worth learning to use is the fact that it's not just a 3dprinting slicer.
    It's also an sla slicer, a CNC path generator and a laser driver.

    When you think about it, all 4 machine types use gcode and process models by layers.

    I haven't tried actually printing anything yet.
    But I will.
    I've been looking at CNC software recently, and so far what I've seen of Kiri Moto, it's as good as anything else out there.
    The laser side looks like a good substitute for lasergrbl.
    Pretty sure it won't run my k40 - which doesn't use gcode - but it will certainly run any diode and ruida based machines.

    Naomi claims that files stay local, but if you're using a design you don't want anyone to see - use different software.
    Other than that, I'm seriously impressed.
    And in the current climate where makers are increasingly using a variety of different machines, only having to learn one bit of processing software is fantastic.

    And it will run on PCs, Mac's, phones, tablets, soc boards like the pi series.
    In short if you can run a web browser, you can run Kiri Moto on it.

    All I can say is, try it and let me know what you think.

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    Keyboard and Mouse Controls
    GCode Variable Substitution
    Print and Other Settings
    Profile Persistence
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