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    What am I doing wrong?

    Hi,here is a print of my Anet A8 Plus, my very first 3D printer. What am I doing wrong? Im printing PLA with 220°C nozzle and 75°C bed. The bed is leveled and not warped! My first prints looked way better. With 200°C the filament flow gets interrupted some times and the filament hasnt enough adhesion. When I lower the bed for a bit the sqeezing is gone but now there are gaps between the layers and the PLA hasnt enough adhesion too. Is it just the leveling?
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    Try 60º bed temp. 220º first layer and 215º for layers after that.

    Have the slicer lay down a skirt of a couple passes and watch it. If the skirt adheres to the bed, you're good. If it doesn't, stop the print and clean the bed.

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