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    [U30 Pro] Problem start printing / Unable to print

    Hi everyone,

    Newly registered on the forum because I have a (new) problem on my Alfawise U30 Pro, so I am coming to you for help and a possible resolution.

    Symptoms: Cannot print / start printing ... (it's simple)

    It turns on perfectly, I can heat the bed, the nozzle. I can use absolutely all the commands (leveling, simple movement, Home, Filament change, extrusion, ...) but when I go to the Print -> Files tab, I have nothing displayed (several cards used , several files used, some of which I used successfully previously, formatted card, etc ...)

    So I tried to plug it in USB and use Cura for the first time, the printer is recognized, and I can select "Print via USB" Cura starts printing, indicates "Printing" but the machine does not move not, does not heat, does not indicate anything ...

    I think that if nobody have a precise idea of the problem, a flash of the motherboard would surely be useful. Nevertheless I want to know how to do it and where to find the Firmware (I know that I can find it on the internet but I'm afraid of taking the wrong one ...)

    Additional Info: I don't see any burnt spots or anything else on the motherboard, the fans work great, the screen too. I have not tested the card reader with a multimeter but I do not see how it could have suddenly broken / unsoldered. LED D3 red and D4 blue light up when printer powered up.

    Mainboard Firmware Version : Marlin1.1.9 LGT0.3.1
    Screen Firmware : 0.3.0

    I provide two photos even if they are badly taken and probably unnecessary

    Thank you in advance for your answers

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    News :

    I have updated software of pritner to vers. 0.3.5 from Longer3D; and it resolve the printing problem via USB.

    And for problem concerning read of SD card, it's pretty simple... Printer doesn't read card formatted in exFAT but only read FAT32 one...

    All well, work perflectly ! (until next issue...)

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