LED street lights with leaf pattern are specialized lighting items for ward roads with outstanding lighting efficiency, saving energy compared to owning traditional street lights. Besides, now still widely people still do not understand the characteristics of this lamp. The following article, NC Lighting will help you own a better view of LED street lights with leaf-shaped lighting.

1: Overview of leaf LED street lights

1 .1: Design of leaf-type LED street lights

Owning a rather simple structure, the product helps you not to encounter too common difficulties in installation and use. Leaf type LED street lights include: Chip, Driver, LED light and lamp body.
LED chip: Lamp uses high quality LED chip Lumileds Philips, LED chip COB
Source: The power supply housing is made of aluminum for the purpose of securely controlling the components inside the power supply compartment from dust and the board. Use Philips IP65 Xitanium source.
Lens: The part with the task of preserving the LED chip to minimize external influences and with high diffusion of light. 120 degree wide beam angle enhances light efficiency.
Lamp body: Made of IP65 cast aluminum alloy, durable, sturdy, can withstand impact. Along with that is the cheap heat dissipation.
1 .2: the outstanding strength of the lamp

design of leaf-shaped lamps is beautiful, sophisticated, novel, suitable for popular lighting works.
Due to the use of high-end COB LED chips to help increase the light output of the lamp, true light, without causing glare.
The lamp’s dust resistance is high, helping to prevent water penetration in all directions.
Smart design ensures both aesthetics and contributes to heat dissipation
Cheap light, ability to shine far. Typically, very sensitive lights can be lit immediately after turning on without waiting or blinking like traditional lights.
LED street lights make the leaf in the high-grade metal material, creating durability and long life
large and small capacity variety: in the range of 50W -200W.
2: Top quality leaf type LED street lights

2 .1: 50W leaf type LED lighting

Lamp using COB LED chip for 6500lm luminous flux has a color rendering index of 85, IP65 standard
50W LED street lights can be used instead of traditional lamps of 100W, 150W.
Application: used to light industrial parks, urban roads, residential areas …

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2.2: 100W leaf type LED

With a capacity of 100W, leaf-type LED street lights are suitable for installation in street axes, boulevard streets, football fields, industrial parks …
The foil design is made of aluminum alloy material, which is highly durable, resistant to corrosion and able to withstand all harsh effects.
100W led street light for 13000lm hexagonal light together with an external heat dissipation system behind the lamp body helps the heat dissipation process quickly, so that the lamp is with high durability.
2.3: 150W leaf line LED street light

150W led street lights with a unique appearance, LED source and LED chip of the lamp are installed separately on the lamp body, helping to ensure high aesthetics.
The lamp body makes it within the cast aluminum and has an anti-oxidation powder coating.
19500lm clear light for safety light with force label. Especially does not contain UV rays.

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3: Where should I buy LED leaf street lights in Hanoi?

As everyone knows in order to create the current lighting demand, many different organizations manufacture and distribute LED lights to the market. Therefore, as consumers, speculators face many obstacles in choosing to buy quality and cheap products.
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Hopefully, the above article has distributed to buyers a better understanding of LED street lights as well as the most reputable business that you can choose from. For more information or to order products please