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    Question Ender 5 pro is drivering me crazy firstlayer not solid

    Sinds 2 weeks i have an Creality Ender 5 Pro and it is driving me nuts.I can can get het firstlayer sollid of the print (see firstlayer picture)I have used muliple slicers en multiple settings in cura (CHEP is on of them).If i print a raft the it is perfect. (See raft1 picture).I have done a test print with a sqaure on top en that is not solid. (see raft)I have check and recalibrated the extruder. It is extruding 100 when i ask foor 100. so that is nog the probleem. I have tried diffent firmware. The result is the same. When printing the firtstlayer of the model the extruder is almost nog turing. But the raft below is ok.I can not find the setting to overrule the extruderflow for the first layer. Every firstlayer is the same problem. The problem is not the bed because the raf is perfect. I can is and feel the te extruder is not up the speed on the firstlayer, and i don't see any filement extracting. Any Thoughts?Thanks
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