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    Best 3D Printer under 400

    Hello there!
    I've been researching on which 3D printer to buy.
    I decided to post this question here to get some suggestions from you guys.

    What I'm looking for in the printer is:
    • Should be under 400 not over 400.
    • Enclosed (I have a small room where it can get bad with the PLA smell if I stay while printing with an open printer).
    • Printing dimensions around 200x200

    I found this printer, which fits what I want but I don't know a lot about it and would appreciate it if any of you could tell me if it's good.

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    well I can't see any obvious reasons not to buy it.
    Some of the reviews look a little bit suspect.
    Translation software clearly used on several of them.
    The couple of obviously genuine reviews seem positive.

    It's a decent specification. The vertical guide rods look like 8mm and for that build volume I'd prefer 10mm at least.
    But if the bearings are tight - it's probably not an issue.
    I mean it looks like a budget enclosed printer with a decent sized print volume.

    You are taking a bit of a gamble going with an unknown chinese manufacturer.
    For similiar money - albeit with a smaller build volume I'd - personally - be inclined to go for the qidi -

    But that's pretty much because qidi are a known quantity and generally produce decent machines.

    But like I said, I can't see any obvious reasons not to get the huafast machine - just my natural wariness of brand new and unknown small chinese 'brands'.
    And some fairly suspect 'reviews'.
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    That's an interesting one because I had that one as my prefer choice before finding the Huafast. The only reason I switched them is because the printing dimension is bigger.

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