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    Resin fumes question

    Sorry if this is posted in the wrong area, and I've also looked around for info on my question and just come up with the standard replies of it isnt good etc. So my question is I have a friend wo recently got a 3D printer and prints for majority of the day. Hes doing it inside but next to an open door and a fan next to him. He doesnt wear a mask either. Whenever I go over his house has a constant smell of resin fumes. Its not super strong but its easily noticable. I've told him he needs to seriously do it outside and wear a mask and I get palmed away. So can anyone tell me how bad this sort of thing is for him and what could happen and how quiclky. Also how badly affected am I to do when I visit. I'm generally in a room on the opposite side of the house and only there for a few hours or so a couple times a week, and the smell is noticable but not brutal strong. Thanks for the help.

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    Google: 3d printer resin msds

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    the short answer is: nobody knows.

    In a commercial environment there are a shit-ton of rules and regulations, fume extraction and safety guidelines.

    Given that small resin printers have only been in homes for a few years.
    There haven't been any studies done and - as far as I know - nobody has released any information specifically regarding fumes from small resin printers.

    Most of the studies are based on skin contact and inhaling the fumes in a commercial enviroment.

    Probably The best way to look at it, would be to say: getting this stuff on my skin is really bad. So breathing in micro-particles is probably not good for me, how can I minimise this.

    It'll probably be anothjer 10 or 20 years before specific complaints and conditions start cropping up frequentlky enough for the medical profession to start associating conditions specificially with resin printing in homes.
    Or maybe they never will.

    Hell maybe pla is killing me.

    The home 3d printing industry is pretty much at the stage where you pays your money and takes your choice.
    And it's entirely down to individual choice.

    Personally I'm risk averse - so I'd take as many precautions as I could and work on the assumption that bad smelling fumes are doing me harm.
    It's why your brain makes them smell bad to you.
    At the very least your body is sending you the message that it would prefer to be somewhere it couldn't smell the fumes.

    A typical hazard sheet for uv cured resin link below.
    It does not mention inhalation as beingb bad.
    Now that is not necessarily because it won't do you harm - it's just that currently nobody actually knows if it will do you harm on a long term basis.
    And legally you only have to inform people of known hazards.

    Bear in mind that safety sheets are purely to avoid law suits (cynical much ?) and not because anyone actually cares about your health :-)
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    Thanks for the info

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