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    Ender 3 Pro Stop Switches Not Working (Homing failed Printer halted Please reset)

    I just recently bought an Ender 3 Pro brand new and got it all assembled. When I do the "auto home" setting the X axis goes home and hits stop switch and then the Y axis (bed) goes back and hits the stop switch but doesn't stop, it keeps trying to move back and the motor vibrates like crazy until I get an error saying "Homing failed Printer halted Please reset" The Z axis doesn't move down to its stop switch during this time.
    As a test I wanted to see if the switches were even working so I went to the "Move axis" option and set the motors to move while holding the stop switches and they all can move, I assume they shouldn't be allowed to move if the stop switch is pushed in correct? All wires are plugged in, nothing loose and nothing broken. All the motors work as intended, they just wont home without crazy vibration at the stop. I can not find any post that has this exact issue, some people had loose wires, some just needed their stop switch moved forward, but no one with just straight up faulty stop switches (I assume this is the cause)
    Anyone know what I can do to test further? Or should I just get a replacement printer/parts?

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    FIXED: I took apart the mainboard to check all cables once more and found that the Y Z labels on the wires were swapped for the stop switch cables. So they were not being triggered correctly. After swapping the wires it worked.

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    Hello Fawkes

    Welcome to the forum.

    Sorry we were not here when you posted, though I see you found the problem.
    This is not an uncommon problem as the cables are quite frequently mislabeled, an you have learned the first lesson in 3D Printer repair always check the cables first.
    Cables on a 3D Printer are constantly moving an therefore being the weakest link the first to wear an break. second is dust and lubrication forming grit in the bearings.

    We will be here.

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