NC Lighting - Best Price LED Street Lighting 2021. In order to better serve the traffic of vehicles and goods, we have researched and produced international standard LED street lights. would like to send to customers some information about LED street lights and the most used light models today.
1. What is LED street light for lighting? Application of LED street lights in practice.
1.1 What is LED street light for lighting?
LED street light is an outdoor lighting device, made up of light-emitting diodes into led chip strips. The body of the shell is made of insulating aluminum, which helps the lamp have a lifespan of up to 50,000 hours. Lights are often installed in roads, urban areas, industrial zones.
1.2 How is the application of LED street lights in practice?
Today, on streets, industrial parks, ports, factories, urban areas, new rural roads ... we often see high pressure lighting poles. They are fitted with high-power high-pressure bulbs made of incandescent and LED bulbs. Most of the time, street light bulbs have been replaced with LED chip bulbs, to increase their lifespan for longer and save energy.Light from led street lights helps to see clearly and beyond, ensuring safety for vehicles when moving. With a durability of up to 60,000 hours, saving electricity up to 80%, LED lights are the top priority when used to illuminate buildings.
2. Some models of high voltage LED street lighting.
There are many types of LED street lighting available, but the most commonly used are the models: leaf-shaped, rectangular LEDs. Here, see some detailed information about the 2 above LEDs.
2.1 Leaf-shaped LED Street Light.
The lamp is structured like a leaf, with an output of 50w 80w 100w 150w 200w 250w is mainstream, with color temperature from 3000k - 3500k. Meets IP68 light quality standards that are safe for humans. The commonly used lamp light is yellow and white.The lamp is designed with TCPlus 5s heatsink with Graphene heat dissipation technology exclusively for high-voltage street lights.Designed for mounting illumination from 5m - 12m, for moderate light in mid-range suspension.
2.2 LED street lights illuminate many rectangular eyes.
The lamp has a capacity from 50w to 200w, and a lifespan of up to 60 thousand hours. Aluminum die-cast radiator body.Designed to illuminate roads, road tunnels, with relative light, color temperature from 3000k - 6000k.The lamp is designed with TCPlus 5s heatsink with Graphene heat dissipation technology exclusively for high-voltage street lights.?
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3. Where to buy reputable low-priced LED street lights.
Currently a lot of shops sell LED lighting, but to ensure good traffic and urban lighting projects, it must be carefully investigated. Must be reputable companies in the field of lighting equipment, well-known brands.
3.1. Address selling LED street lights in Hanoi.
Add: No. 21, 27th, lane 106 Hoang Quoc Viet, Cau Giay, Hanoi.
3.2. Address to sell LED street lights in Ho Chi Minh City
Nguyen Van Linh, TT Tan Tuc, H. Binh Chanh, City. Ho Chi Minh?
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4. The price list of LED street lights for street lighting at NC Lighting
LED street light price depends on the origin, led chip and bulb types, material and many other factors.Design consulting capacity as required.Discount% for construction projects.Warranty 36t, 1 for 1 for error due to the manufacturer.
5. Reasons you should buy LED street lights
Are you in need of good LED street lighting? You need to find the most reputable high pressure led lamp supplier? Owning high-tech staff and modern machines, NC Lighting confidently brings the best lighting solution to customers.Quality ensures correct technique.Warranty is quick and true.
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