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Thread: 3D Cad Software

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    3D Cad Software

    Could anyone recommend a decent 3D CAD Software that is free and similar to SolidWorks or Inventor?

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    Onshape is free but your models are open to any other user of onshape.
    Just made a custom sanding adapter for my Rockwell multipurpose tool today. Worked out great!
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    Same boat. I used to use CorelDraw from early 1990s and found it great. Guess I got used to it. Also used IntelliCAD for dxf outputs by CorelDraw. And then HullForm to take the offsets from CD and develop the steel plating for a 22m vessel.CorelDraw was good in that it was very easy to adjust properties of an object. Almost intuitive. Select an object and its properties were simply displayed - dimensions, angles, thicknesses, fills etc. Just drew a box in Sketchup and no obvious object properties to simply adjust length and width??And prefer to download as I am often not connected to the www.

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    You can try with FreeCAD, Fusion 360, and Meshmixer.

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