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    Large data

    Hello everyone!

    I have a company that deals with various things and also do 3D printing. My team and I are faced with the fact that we need to somehow simplify, systematize and restore order in our databases, because there are a huge number of them, perhaps someone can give advice or share their experience in this matter?

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    Our company recently had the same problem and we hired a company that helped us set up and visualize all our databases and processes, now you don't need to dig into different databases for a long time and look for something, everything is intuitive and convenient. Perhaps the same approach will help you.

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    This sounds like what we need, can you tell a little more about it? could you share the name of this company?

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    If you know something about JavaScript, then you may be familiar with such a concept as GoJS, a library for creating interactive charts and graphs. If I understand correctly, they use this to take our data and visualize it in the app. We used the services of this company -, I think it's better to contact them to find out more, I hope this will help you.
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