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    Guys, where do you sually buy furniture? I need some advices?

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    A typical mistake of new home owners is to buy all the furniture at once. Unfortunately, this can lead to two problems: you pay more when you think you're paying less, or you can buy furniture that you don't like just to fill up the space. Thats why I bought cool recliner after reading review on
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    Quote Originally Posted by darui View Post
    You can buy IKEA
    Ye, of course, you can buy furniture in IKEA, but it isn't of the best quality. Because of that, you can use IKEA for inspiration and buy furniture in another place, for example here

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    You can find listings of nice companies on CoRepo, it's a new search engine and I found it pretty useful whenever I needed to find something like this

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    I live in Dubai and I usually buy furniture from Wafi Mall, Dubai. But I make sure to hire a person who provide me chiller truck transport service because as you know that furniture is very precious and expensive asset so, I book a truck first because I get very afraid of furniture damage.
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    I purchased it from different stores but this quarantine, I tried to renovate or build my furniture on my own in my Uncle's woodshop. It was a good experience.

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