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    Question Over extrusion when about to finishing 2nd layer

    Hi, I have been trying to calibrate my printer for a few days now and I could not resolve the issue shown in the attachment. The printer always over extrude when it is about to finish the second layer. I have recalibrated my z axis, E steps, z probe, 1st layer height and the issue still persist. The first layer is printed on 100% flowrate and intitial layer line width and everything is perfect until the 2nd layer. I have also tried printing with and without retraction.

    I am using:
    Slicer: Cura
    Printer: Self-built with hypercube design
    Hot end: E3D chimera
    Z-probe: BL-touch
    Controller: Duet Wifi

    Could anyone help me out please, I am out of ideas ???*???*.
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