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    cool curing station for people with resin printers

    So I was looking through and came across this setup for final curing of resin models.

    Just love the fact that the turntable is powered by the uv curing light - which looks like it's got some 'oomph' to it and should speed up curing.

    A very elegant setup :-)

    You could also pop it into a box to minimise fumes.
    Actually line a cardboard box with foil, including the bottom. and you'd get total uv coverage, assuming uv light is reflected by aluminium (checks) yes it is.
    Short-wave ultraviolet light damages DNA and sterilizes surfaces with which it comes into contact
    So definitely put it in a box !

    $23 for a uv spotlight and uv light powered turntable - what's not to like :-)
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