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    Horrible Stepper motor grinding when auto bed level is enabled

    Printer: Ender 3 pro, basically nothing is stock. Of note I just upgraded the mobo to an skr mini e3 2.0 and flashed marlin 2.0.6, Bltouch bed leveler

    Hello, my ender 3 grinds horribly when auto bed leveling is enabled. Without abl on the print runs fine, that is to say the device is still installed but the printer isn't leveling.


    As far as I can tell, x,y, and e motors are skipping/grinding though it seems most severe on x. Z seems happy, but it moves so slightly that its hard to tell.I tried this with the stock board and the firmware creality gives you for the bl touch, then the th3d unified firmware when that failed, then I upgraded to the skr mini & marlin when that failed, now I'm getting ready to print a nice big THOR HAMMER TO STORM CREALITY HQ.

    Belt wells are clean, belts are tight but not stupid tight, I've been testing several mm off the bed so no nozzle crashing. Again, no problems when printing without auto leveling.

    The only common thread at this point seems to be the gcode, attached is that as well as my cura profile. I feel like it's either that or z motor grounding? No idea at this point honestly.


    profile: :

    I may be butt_blaster, but I'm getting butt_blasted by the bltouch right now.

    Pls help,Blaster
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    For posterity:

    It was a setting in vanilla marlin.

    Follow this guide and you should be ok:

    Specifically I think it was the electrical current settings in configuration_adv. The defaults set the max current to a full amp, which is a hefty chunk of current for such a small chip as the stepper drivers. I believe the stepper drivers have built in overheating/overcurrent protection that shuts them down when triggered, but doesn't alert the firmware by default, so the awful grinding was that protection constantly triggering and un-triggering. The guide recommends 560mA, that's where I have mine now and it's working just fine.


    Those are the words of the stupidest person alive. My Z acceleration was set to zero. I don't understand why that was the case. I don't fully understand why setting z acceleration to be non-zero would make any difference, but it did. Who cares. If you have this problem, check your z acceleration.
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