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    Cool I modeled some awesome light-up D&D props, build video and free STL files in youtube

    Hey all, excited to share my latest build vid, some light up accessories for an asian themed D&D encounter, 28mm scale pre supported (chitubox) files in the YT description, be sure to subscribe for more! me know what you think, cheers!

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    Awesome bro, I love the Japanese style. Samurai, sakura, gong, there's something about it, I want to dive into that atmosphere myself. And you picked a very cool color for all the 3d models. I can advise you too, exciting video, about Indian traditions, in it you will also learn a lot, in some moments you will not even understand how it can be in the 21st century. Here is the video: I am looking forward to more fake videos from you, and they turned out fantastic! Thanks to you, my day is brighter!
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    Hello. Great, very interesting videos, I hope everything will continue to work out for you. I used to not understand at all how people upload videos to YouTube, it seemed to me that they upload there for a very long time, but then I found out on this source how long it can take to upload one video to YouTube.

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