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Thread: my Ender 5

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    my Ender 5


    First off I am a complete newb to 3D printing so please excuse what will undoubtedly be a post about dumb problems but I am so disappointed/frustrated/stumped with what to do. and after receiving no help from Creality themselves I have decided to reach out for help.

    So here is my story.....
    I recently acquired a Creality Ender 5. after unboxing and following all steps to set up the printer I decided to do a test print which worked perfectly and I was very happy.

    However the next time I went to print something I was going through the process to make sure the bed was level, (this involves doing and undoing screws manually) but it was not. So through many attempts I tried to level the bed using the disney hub provided information from the printer manual and youtube, however during the bed leveling process at some point the bed would suddenly make a step down moving away from the nozzle and would now be out of place for me to continue leveling the bed. This I attributed to having to disable the stepper motors as i could not find any other kind of reason as to why this was happening. So then i used the LED screen and jog wheel to move the extruder from corner to corner of the bed to level it that way. This also did not work properly.

    This led me to thinking that perhaps I should buy a BLtouch Bed Leveler as I was planning to do so anyway and I thought it could help solve my bed leveling problems. So after buying and installing a BLTouch and triple checking to make sure i had followed all instructions to the letter, I then went to "Auto-Home" on the LED control panel to begin the process. This is where i started to have major issues.

    Now the extruder was not even able to home itself properly. Instead of heading to the corner of the bed, it wants to travel further than what was available on the x-axis in thw wrong direction and caused the extruder to hit the edge of the printer frame and continue trying to push past it, then the same thing happened with the bed as it tried to lower itself lower than the z-axis was able to. I thought that this might be after I flashed the board that it was getting the axis mixed up. But i couldn't find any kind of solution for this, and after days of trying to fix this i decided the best thing to do was maybe to start again.

    So I went back to the start of the setup and did it all over again from the start. Again I triple checked to make sure all the set up was correct, however this time after turning on the printer the LED screen took 5 mins to display (much longer than before) and when using the jog wheel to navigate the menus it did not work properly. I was however able to find "Auto-home" and asked the printer to do this task, again it I had the same problem as stated above. Now the LED screen has gotten so bad it has rendered the printer entirely unusable and I am now completely out of ideas of how to fix this.

    I have contacted Creality but have not yet received any kind of reply. (This was before the lockdown!) I am now reaching out the 3D printing community hoping that someone can help. I was thinking maybe trying to restore it to factory settings however I cannot find the information on how to do this and to be honest I can't find much information on Ender 5's in general. The information is often referring to Ender 5 plus/pro's which is not the same. I have watched all the youtube videos i could find on Ender 5's but none have fixed the issues.

    If there is anyone out there willing to help me with some very detailed instructions i would be forever grateful. I understand this might take a while to fix (as i am utterly incompetent and the subject as a whole is very foreign to me) so if there is anyone willing to help to fix my many problems I would be eternally grateful.
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    for your homing issue, when you compile your firmware, check the invert axis options for each axis. they can be set true or false and may need to be changed.

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