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    can't seem to make surface

    Hi All

    I am new to 3D printing and modeling. I am having problems making a line drawing i made and extruded to have more than side surfaces (side from finished product) I need a surface on top and bottom so i can put 2 holes and screw bevel and an arc on the bottom for battery relief. i am using rhino 6 (10 days left of free download) I can download or use another program rhino will save in several formats. i also have blender and freeCAD but have not really done anything with them. i can give hole size and placement as well as battery relief depth and location if needed. I do not mind putting in the work. I have been stumped for almost a week to make and join the tube to the cover as well as make surfaces (solid) so i can put the finishing touches to this project.

    Thank you for looking and helping in advance

    project one.jpg

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    i finally got it as a solid and got my drill holes still need to do the battery arc and screw bevel

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    it's a tube ?

    And have you looked at openscad - that kind of thing takes minutes.

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    I did all this in rhino 6. Had some help I just need to rotate battery relief. I need to print. I can save in different formats what would be best for openscad. I and export in several. In 3 days my evaluation ends

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