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    Noob trying to set up first 3D Printer

    Just got my first 3D printer in the mail yesterday and I am having a heck of a time trying to set it up. It is a Zonestar Z6FB and it came with very comprehensive instructions but unfortunately the menu system on the printer printer differs from the one shown in the manual and since I'm totally new to this I'm having a lot of trouble setting up the axis offsets and leveling the bed.

    I am guessing this printer has more recent firmware as I do not have a "Control" or "Prepare" option in the menu that the manual eludes to.

    What I have done:
    - Under Motion >> Move Axis I have manually moved the nozzle to be a sheet of paper's width above the bed. This is the Z height that I want so I noted this measurement.
    - Selected Motion >> Auto Home and then manually moved the Z axis up by the measurement taken above. Went to Configuration>>Advanced Settings>>Set Home Offsets

    After this, if I manually move the Z axis to 0 it is at the height I want (slightly above the bed). When I go to Motion>>Level Corners and begin the procedure, the nozzle moves to the first corner and then pushes itself down into the bed as if it is trying to return to the Z home position (which is now -3).

    I've been trying for hours but I really can't figure out what I am doing wrongto run the leveling procedure properly without pushing into the bed. Any help from you experts would be much appreciated!


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    first time I've heard of that one

    Any idea what the firmware is ?

    There are a nukber of similiar design machines around - with luck they'll use the same firmware.

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    a quick google search for zonestar firmware brought up their main download page, so you could take a look at that

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    A quick search I see that the Zonestar Z6FB has a choice of Marlin or Repetier,

    Though reading the "How to Correct the origin position.PDF" I believe you are setup for Repetier firmware.

    Located here under Z6

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    Thanks guys. I got it solved.. It is running Marlin 2.0 but I think there is an error in the firmware for the corner leveling procedure. I was able to level the bed by selecting Motion>>Move Axis and manually moving the nozzle to the 4 corners with the Z axis set to 0 after I set the home offsets. Its printing ok but I am now having problems with inconsistent filament flow on longer prints but I guess that is all part of the learning curve!

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