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    Jig System for Handles and Knobs Stl model - professional installation of handles and knobs, ideal for doors and drawer fronts.An invaluable tool for any cabinet installer.Versatile for mounting single and multi-hole knobs.Distances between centers 16 mm, maximum handle size 512 mm, without extension cords maximum 160 mm. The drill size is 5 mm.Jig System for Handles and Knobs.jpgIMG_20200617_194810.jpg

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    Can I use it for car doors?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sosa View Post
    I ordered the Jig System tool a month ago in order to fix some door lock issues. I thought this multifunctional tool would replace the work of a professional locksmith. To my disappointment with the Jig System tool I couldn't fix even the smallest lock problems no matter how hard I tried.
    Perhaps you don't understand, the tool needs making, you cannot just go out and buy it.

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