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    BEESOFT Version 3.9.0 Released

    Hey guys, BEEVERYCREATIVE has released the latest update to their 3D printer software. The update is for BEESOFT 3.9.0 (beta). Some of the added features of this update include:

    • Standalone printing
    • Ability to click an element name
    • A larger click area
    • Autonomous option

    More details on this software update if you have the BEETHEFIRST 3D printer can be found here:
    Feel free to leave any feedback about the upgrade here.

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    3.11.6 is out...

    BeeVeryCreative, the first Portuguese 3D printer manufacturers, have been exceptionally active lately. From the introduction of BEETHEFIRST+, a new 3D printer model which includes four BEE Printers and one BEE device, to announcing internal hardware improvements and a powerful extruder that works with all heated bed types of filament, the company is now focusing on software. The latest release of BEESOFT, 3.11.6, features a large list of improvements and bug fixes, and it follows hot on the heels of another update which was released just a couple of weeks ago. You can read the whole story here:

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