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    Im a 1/700 scale ship builder and wanted some advice

    I know you guys are probably tired of "I need advice" post but I need some help. Ive asked around and told people what I mainly want to use a 3D printer for and they say I should get a SLA printer. I'm cool with that but will I be able to print 1/700 scale parts like radars, smokestacks, helicopters and planes with a SLA printer Thanks

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    I own a SLA printer in the form of the Anycubic ..
    I am using it to print some very small components and the detail is amazing

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    yes the detail is there. So sla will work well for that.
    Just do some reading up on the resin, toxicity and how to use it safely.

    I tell people to start with this video:
    Read some of the comments as well.

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