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    Lightbulb really bad stringing (PETG) SOLVED (for me)

    Model: Ender 5 (stock hot end and filament drive)I had good results with PLA with PLA in the past but suddenly started getting stringing with that and then really messy stringing with PETG. The upshot with PETG jobs was the nozzle catching on the hardened stringing/blobs and taking the project off the base.So, now a race to find out what had changed to make things so bad after reasonable results before. Tried hotter bed/nozzle but not much change. After re-examining my settings in CURA.. horrors! I saw retraction set not as 0.5mm but a whole 5mm! My typing mistake. Setting this back to 0.5mm on it's own made it miles better.. a transformation.The advantage of this model is you can adjust some of the settings whilst a printing job is live. The print speed had been 35mm/s for PETG filament... I lowered this to from 100% to 90% in the Control section and that helped a little more.So, another lesson learned.Might help someone else.

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    yes forgetting the decimal point in retraction or extrusion multiplier can really make for a mess :-)

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