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    Ender 3 chewing up filament

    I just put together an Ender 3 and I am having a weird issue I have not seen on my other printers. The print starts fine but after a while I come back and it’s not extruding any more and the filament is getting chewed up at the first feeder before the tube? If anyone has an idea please let me know. Thank you

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    is the filament drive doing it.. cog biting too hard against the filament and wearing it out/weakening it prematurely

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    Yes that’s exactly where it is. This last time I made the mistake of running an errand and it split the filament in half somehow and it was hanging over in circle curly Qs in a piece about 16 inches long with bite marks all the way down.

    Could it be the filament? I have printed a few ABS items and it did not do this. This is the first time I’ve used PLA on it. I have another PLA I’m going to test with now.

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    Its the filament

    I just read some of the bad reviews and seems I am not the only person having this issue with it. Its the Everyones Silk Copper.

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