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    Noob needs help with Ender 3 Pro print quality - First several layers are distorting

    This is my first post. I have an Ender 3 PRO with the Micro Swiss direct extruder and hot end. Using the magnetic plate that came with the printer. I am using 3D Solutech 1.75 PLA in Real Red. Nozzle 205c Bed 60c I am using Cura 4.5.0. I have the skirt/brim and initial layer at 110% then the second layer switches to 100% flow. I have not adjusted the cooling

    My problem is the PLA is distorting in the first several layers. You can see the problem in the picture. After it gets past the distorting it seems to be able to print fine. I think it has to do with temperatures but am at a loss of how to know if I should increase or decrease.

    The second problem is prints will get so much material in the first few layers that it is warting and distorting. Curling up then the nozzle knocks something off. My skirt or brim will lay down beautifully, smooth and just like it should. But then the next layer is where the problem starts.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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