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    3D Printer vs COVID-19 -- WHY IS IT CROPPED??

    Just took delivery of a massive Anycubic Chiron to my house and have been trying to get it printing successfully for supplies for fellow clinic staff. For some reason, it is only printing a portion of the test shape that Cura is putting out. I am using 1.75mm ABS Filament, with an enclosure and proper adhesion. Attached is the preview image from Cura. The next pic shows what the printer is actually laying down, some sort of rectangular crop of the test cube and skirt. I just stop the print when I see it repeat the issue. PLEASE HELP!

    Layer Height 0.2mm
    Initial Layer LW 110%
    Infill 20% Gyroid
    Print Temp 240C
    Build Plate Temp 106C
    Flow 92% (thought there was an overextrusion issue)
    Speed 50 mm/s
    Travel 80 mm/s
    Initial Layer 15 mm/s
    Z Hop 12 mm/s
    Z Hop Hgt 0.15 mm
    Retraction Dist 2 mm/s
    Retraction Speed 15 mm/s
    Cooling Off
    Min Layer Time 10 s
    Skirt 3 Line 10 mm Dist, Min 250 mm
    Retraction Minimum 1.5 mm
    Attached Images Attached Images
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    Try update your printer firmware and check your printer connection. Try print over sd card if possible. It gives an idea about the connection or firmware.

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