So i have had my ender 3 for about a month or two, worked perfectly. then it burnt my PTFE.Its been priniting basically nonstop both big and small prints with a few problems here and there but nothing a little tweeking couldnt fix.Now its been upgraded with capri tube and all metal hot end (gonna start printing harder materials later)Bed is warped as always on these, did my best and it wont get much more lvld. (built up the extreme warp with alufoil underneath plate and messured, almost no warp left) Glass bed incomming in a few weeks. tube has good radius. been tweeking with settings in cura, flowrate, different heat settings speeds aswell as going over the extruder so that its not a problem pushing the fillement.New nozzle with the new hot end. and about 17 hours going trough videos and changing settings in cura and or troubleshooting. But still this is the end result.At this point i dont know what to do anymore. Anyone got any ideas? Pictures are attached, one picture with a raft because the print stuck so hard to the buildplate.Have i missed some really easy shit that im gonna bang my head in the table for later?Any ideas are welcome.