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    Loose boden tube

    I've had great prints right out of the starting gate with my Ender 3 Pro. Some of which took 18 hours or more turned out great. I went today to print a part and came down 3 hours later to find the boden tube detached. I stopped the print, reinserted the tube and started the print over again. 30 mins later I checked again to find same boden tube again detached. Please notice it's not the white boden tube problem, but rather a brass fitting now keeps popping out of the filament drive. How do I rectify this? Press in harder? Small dab of epoxy glue?
    It may be a $200 printer but for my very first 3D printer, I've had no issues until this.
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    101 views and not one reply? Well I mixed a small amount of epoxy and carefully applied to brass insert, careful not to get in filament hole. I let dry over 12 hours even though it was 5min epoxy I used. After 2 different prints totaling 18 hours, the insert hasn't budged as shown. I consider this post closed as IF it happens again, ill go direct feed.
    Thank You ?????
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    I run a farm of Ender 3's at my online 3D printing service I'd 100% recommend switching out the OEM extruder for one of the all-metal ones! Recently with newer Ender 3's the brass insert keeps popping out of the extruder early on, however after 1000's of hours of printing using these the plastic arm where you release the tension eventually fails / becomes worn.

    I also highly recommend installing the heat break that's available on Thingiverse as the bowden tube regularly becomes unseated leading to under-extrusion / blockages. Since installing this upgrade on my farm, I've been able to print 24/7 with no blockages at all!

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    could replace the fitting, but would recommend goint to the metal extruder parts instead. will be better in the long run

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