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    Resin print is thicker than CG model

    I've noticed with my SLA printer (Longer 3D Orange 10) that the prints come out slightly thicker than the actual 3D model. I don't have calipers (just ordered some) but it seems to be about 1mm or more based on how much I had to sand it down. This means that any interlocking parts won't fit in the printed version. Is this normal for SLA printers? Any suggestions to resolve it?

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    LCD resin printers will print very accurately, 1mm of difference is HUGE. My guess is the screen is slightly larger than the slicer thinks it is... shouldn't affect any interlocking parts assuming they're printed on the same printer.

    You could be overexposing, but I wouldn't expect that to bloat a model by as much as 1mm.
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    I was watching a video about the slicer ZSuite. Apparently that one has a tool to compensate for overgrowth or shrinkage.

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