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    Extrusion stepper motor slipping (Creality Ender 3) - This is my 3D printer and what is happening.

    Hoping someone can see this and tell me how to stop the stepper motor from slipping where it pulls in the filament?

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    It's possible you have insufficient temperature on the hot end. The too-cold filament is binding, causing a delay until the heater dumps more energy into the filament. You've not stated that you have print problems due to this anomaly.

    Consider to set the temperatures as you have, then disengaging the extruder motor and pushing the filament in by hand. It should travel at a consistent speed and exit the nozzle at a consistent speed. If it is irregular as shown in the video, there is a temperature problem.

    A nozzle clog will cause similar trouble, but will not feed then stop, then feed then stop. It will simply clog and stop.

    Describe in detail how the print is affected.

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    Just wanted to chime in to echo the previous poster's comment. filament types have a large range of melting temperatures - manufacturers even have temperature ranges recommended for their product that may be different from another manufacturer even if it's the same type. If the nozzle is clogged, I have had good luck resolving this by putting a bit of filament into the nozzle (remove the extruder tubing) and allow the nozzle to cool off just enough to make the clogged filament portion to bind to the filament that I stuck in the nozzle (from the top of the extruder).

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