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    gloves should work fine.
    The important thing would be that you need to be able to stitch them with strong yarn of some kind and they don't easily tear.

    Yep I live smack bang in the geographical centre of england.
    it's currently 16c in my workshop - 61 weird fahrenheits (you know that in that system 100f is based on the temperature of mrs fahrenheits armpits ? Strange but true)

    Now I could warm it up. But it means the water for cooling my k40 laser, stays at the right temperature without my having to bugger about with putting freezer blocks in the bucket :-)

    Drop me a pm and we can exchange emails.

    Have you ever printed with flexible pla ?

    Anyway I'm off to warm up and eat something :-)
    Catch you tomorrow.

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    Ah, very cool. I've always wanted to visit there. Greetings from across the pond. I'm one rare American that prefers metric over imperial. I can definitely see an armpit hitting 100 degrees Frankenstein on a balmy summer afternoon though. lol. I for one prefer it a little cold. My wife however.. Hmm.. My shop is in the basement though so it stays a little chilly in there all year.By flexible PLA do you mean something like a PLA+ that has more flexibility than regular PLA? If so then yes. My favorite is eSun PLA+. I haven't yet tried anything with TPU though. The CR-10 V2 uses a bowden extruder so I'm not sure how well it would work with it. The Qidi uses a direct extruder and the manufacturer claims that it'll run TPU, but I have as yet not been able to verify that.

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    yeah I'd go for the qidi.
    Flaxible pla is a flexible material made from pla.
    I have no idea how it's amde but it is hands down the toughest material I've ever printed with.

    Tpu = thermoplastic polyurethane - basically synthetic rubber.
    It's usually a bit too floppy to be uch use and the elasticity makes it trickt to print with.

    Unfortunately most retailers now seem to call ALL flexible filaments 'TPU'. So it's getting kind of hard to tell which are pla and which aren't :-(

    flexible pla is similiar, but tougher, less elastic and usually a bit stiffer.
    This means you can make fairly rigig things from it that are virtually indestructible. Short of using power tools - you just can't damage it.

    It means you can make things with lifetime hinges :-)

    We can probably get away with tpu. It's just finding one that's a bit stiffer than the others.
    I suppose I'll have to try and figure out how thie bizarre shore hardness acale works.

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    Nijatech sells Cheetah which is TPU with a shore hardness of 95. This is some tough stuff. I have made faucet washers out of it and it is working better than the soft ones you buy in the hardware store. I have also make a USB microscope cover ring to use when inspecting knife blades during sharpening, so far no cuts.. The cheetah is also easy to print, sticks to anything like cement but is on the pricey side. Also not really good if you need support for the model. Being a US based product not sure of availability in England. As far as elasticity goes, much less than Ninjaflex.. Details on their products can be found here

    Mushroombrew, I am located in the Philadelphia PA area if you happen to be near by please let me know as I have contacts at the Enabling the future Chapter at the Drexel University bio engineering lab who I am sure would be interested in assisting. If not near by, I wish you lots of luck on your collaboration and project and please let me know if I can help in any way.


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    I had no idea that actual flexible PLA was a thing. I watched a few videos about it on youtube. They even manage to get it to work with a bowden extruder much like my own. I'm going to get some either way. Lots of potential with something like that. @Airscapes Thank you for the input. I have heard how stretchy some of the Ninjaflex stuff is but I've never heard of Cheetah. I'm going to look into that filament too. Price isn't too big of a deal (within reason of course). I live in Cleveland, Tennessee. Close to the TN/NC border. It's east of the Mississippi at least. :/

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