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    Question Air-Tight Enclosures?

    Hi Everyone! Does anyone know if an air-tight enclosure exists that I can buy or make for my 3D printer? I only ever print with PLA, but my nose always clogs up when I do. I figure it has something to do with the fumes, so I'm looking for a way to minimize them while printing. Any suggestions would be appreciated!
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    I think you need to DIY it. There are enclosures for 3d printers mostly because of layer adhesion when printing at high temps (for like polycarbonate.
    I don't know if the people who I have seen using them have bought or made them.

    But be aware, the printer will hear up slot in such an enclosure. Maybe you will need to ad some sort of fan.
    You can filter the air with active charcoal against the odor and fumes.

    But you could also try different filament and/or plastic type

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    different brands of pla do seem to have different 'smells'.
    I was using one the other day that really did smell like maple syrup.
    Mostly I don't detect any noticeable odour.

    So if you're reacting or allergic to one brand of pla - try others.

    You don't actually need or want an airtight enclosure.
    A basic box with holes at the bottom and a fan exhaust to tumble dryer ducting that goes out the window is what you need.

    That ways you are maintaining airflow over the machine and the print - keeping it from overheating, but also removing any fumes from your workshop.

    So some cheap plywood/maf/fibreboard - 3-5mm would be fine. Some 100mm ducting, couple printed adaptors and one of these:

    It's all about maintaining negative air pressure around the printer - so that the airflow is into the print volume and out of the room.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dennis343 View Post
    You need to find out some of the best written instructions which will be helpful for you to get the best printer with air tight encloser.Most of the students preffers to get the best site options which provides the edubirdie review platform to choose the writtent content options in good way.
    And just what does "Edubirdie" have to do with the OP?
    A troll?

    I've considered an enclosure, but neither my wife nor I have noticed any odor. Just using PLA for now.

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    Th Aardvark is right some filaments cause much less irritation, We have a small print farm (of 15 printers) in a portacabin, since changing to ColorFabb Economy PL (which we did a long time ago!), we no longer have problems with respiratory irritation.

    (We also have many fewer blocked nozzles with the ColorFabb Economy PL - in our use it's at least 4 times better than e-sun, and about 20 times better than some other makes).

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