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    Alfawise U20 ONE - Stops extruding on just one print job?!?!


    I recently got a U20 One which I'm really enjoying.

    All my prints have worked beautifully except one.

    I printed the base for this one and it printed perfectly:

    Except, it was the wrong size for my stone. I uploaded it to tinkercad and extended the sections I needed and exported as an stl. Threw it into cura and exported the gcode.

    About half way through it stops extruding and even makes a weird noise in the area that grabs the filament. I figured it was I was printing too fast or not hot enough so printed 5 different versions at different speeds and temps...all did the same thing.

    If I print anything else, it prints fine...just did an eight hour print with any issue. So what's happening to this one? The one other factor is that the print has a large footprint but is still within the guidelines of this printer.

    Any help would be amazing!

    I've attached my modified stl.

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