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    There are another option avaliable which do not limit number of reset. Cartrige baypass system check this out:

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    Hey,we just bought the Formlabs Form 3 and i bought 1L Resin for over 150 Euros.That is impossible to pay 150 € each time for 1 L Resin.I asked the reseller and also some other shops and they say the Form 3 is not compatible with other resins yet but the company will release something which makes it possible in some month ( didnt even get it really).My question is if there is a way to buy a catrige much cheaper than 150 € for our Formlabs Form 3 !?Thanks in advancelamagna
    There are plenty of compatible resin on the market now. You can use Formlabs Bypass system to fill in the original cartridge with the other resin over and over again

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