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    Creality rare 3 pro prints a 3D object with a space

    Hi everyone, I'm about to go crazy. Because this Ender 3d pro that I bought in this week, it prints 3-dimensional objects in spaces (without spaces), not solid forms.

    I use cura software for 3-D printing and I'm making the best use of the settings.

    However, no matter how small the object is , it prints a complete body with a space like "inline fill". The object comes right, but looks like lacy and fragile.

    Could you please help me about the issue.

    The output is like the picture below, whether it is large or not.

    These are the settings I made in the pictures below. is
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    hi, your problem is under extruding from what i can see, there are a couple of things that can cause this. first on the software make sure that the nozzle diameter is set correct (most common size 0.4mm) and also the filament diameter (ender 3 pro uses 1.75mm). this is also the printer i use and them problem i had was the extruder gear wasn't gripping the filament properly, you can resolve this by putting more tension on the spring or upgrading the extruder with an all metal one off amazon, i recommend this as it is what i have done and its much better. there is also the chance that your nozzle is blocked to check to see if that is the issue and try clean or replace the nozzle if it is.
    i have included a pika gcode from my settings i use on the ender 3 pro it is usually slower but gets better quality in my opinion. (if this has the same issue then you know its a hardware problem)
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