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    Need firmware for my printer


    I bought this printer a couple years ago from a college kid who built it from a kit and was moving back to China, and up until now I've never needed to reload firmware. Now, I do.. and I am not competent enough to properly assign all of the settings in Marlin so I'm hoping someone could recognize my printer (there is no brand) and shoot me the properly configured firmware files.... or at least point me in the right direction. The board I'm running is MKS Gen V1.3. I've attached a couple pics, thank you very much in advance! My e-mail is

    As an added bonus, if your firmware works nicely I'll venmo or zelle you $5 to show my gratitude!
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    well it's a bog standard delta with the worst wiring setup I've ever seen :-)
    How has it not caught fire ?

    What firmware did it have and why do you want to reload it ?

    For me repetier is far superior to marlin and probably easier to configure.

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