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    need help compound gear

    hi everyoneso im trying to test new compound gearing I hope someone will make this into a stl 3d file for me is a 20;1 compound gearand here is a 50:1 tell me if anyone can help thanks a bunch

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    As drawings go, yours will need additional work. Consider to use a program such as Tinkercad or similar to generate a 3D model. I've found a video how to create gears in Tinkercad here:

    Even if you don't get the gear teeth in place, you will have better luck with having a true three dimensional representation of your objective.
    Tinkercad is free, browser based, so you can use it on any computer, tablet or phone and is quite easy to use.

    Another video shows how to use Gear Generator to make more precisely formed gears and use that creation in Tinkercad.

    Your link is broken. The repaired link is here:

    If you don't use Tinkercad, it's going to be more important to have clear accurate drawings.

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    Hi! I think it's better to buy a new gear. If you don't have enough money you can check out this website minicreditos. I am sure you will find there lots of useful info.
    And to be frank for it was not that interesting to use 3d printer.

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