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    Perspective on the print specs for this design using a Flashforge Creator Pro

    Hi there

    Just posting this thread for a quick perspective on what sort of settings I should use to print the attached model. Originally someone else made one for me in about 9 hours with the same model of printer, which I am having difficulty understanding as it is projected to take me about 23hours?

    Appreciate any advice.
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    Do not have a Flashforge Creator Pro though test my settings and can print in just over half that time.

    Layer height .28
    Shell thickness .4
    Top/Bottom thickness .56
    Fill density 22%

    5 hour 20 minutes
    43.97 meter 131gram
    Print Speed 9.0mm^3 per second

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    depends entirely on your settings and what resuklts you want to get

    Using flashprint at 0.3mm layer height and 70mm/s 15% infill and 3 perimeters and layers - it clocks in at 5.47 hours and 133gms

    How smooth do you want it and do you own any files and sanding blocks :-)
    A faster, lower resolution print and 10 minutes judicious sanding, can save you many hours of printing at higher resolutions

    0.2mm layer = 7hours and 51 minutes
    so logically 0.1mm = around 16 hours.

    0.16mm layer height gives you around 9 hours. zip file of the .x3g attached.

    The mistake most people make is using the wrong infill and way way too much of it.

    15% TRIANGLE infill not only gives you the best all round strength to material ratio, on a model this size it's also pretty dense.

    Learn what settings do what and never ever use a Stock 'normal, fast, quality' style setting for anything :-)
    Always know what you used and why.
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