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    How to activate or deactivate Ad-Free Mail for AOL Desktop Gold

    AOL Desktop Gold is the software that is surrounded with lots of benefits, and one such advantage is Ad- Free Mail. One can easily activate and deactivate this benefit depending upon their requirement. So you first download aol gold on your system and follow the below-mentioned points:

    Activate the Ad-Free Mail
    After signing into your AOL account, go to the activation page and search for AD-Free Mail.
    Now click the button of 'Activate Now' and once done, save the changes and log out from the account.

    Deactivate the Ad-Free Mail
    Just open AOL Desktop Gold and sign into the MyBenefits
    Then visit Activated option and look for Ad-Free Mail
    Once you found it, click to Deactivate and ven confirm to the pop up that arises.

    Activation and deactivation of AD-Free Mail are simple and can be done when you are eligible for this benefit. And if you do not qualify for this, then you need to speak to the customer care team.

    Read More: - Support aol gold

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    I have taken your blog in the thought of knowing about the step for deactivating the ad-free mail. But I did not get any content about it. Try to add some steps for solving it Mac Cannot communicate with printer. Add some of the issues with those mails. I wish to know about it.
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    The details are what I am trying to find it. Finally, I found the proper information that I am trying to find. Thank you so
    ANR Clinic much for the help. It is very helpful for me to activate my ad-free mail for AOL Desktop Gold.
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