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    Question TMC2130 Layer Shifting Above ~30mm/s

    Hi everyone! I have recently made the decision to gut the motherboard out of my Da Vinci 1.0 Pro because of malfunctions and the extreme noise. I replaced it with an SKR 1.3 and TMC2130's on XYE axes using SW SPI and Marlin bugfix-2.0.x. (LCD and BLTouch too) The printer is working really well and I can get flawless prints, miles better than the stock board could, but I'm stuck doing it very slowly. The layer shifting appears on the X and Y axes randomly, sometimes the first layer, sometimes near the end, but only above 30mm/s. The other problem is my stepper motors are very hot, sometimes too hot to touch after a longer print. I understand stealthChop doesn't have a ton of torque so I tried switching to spreadCycle but the squealing was so loud (on any voltage) that I couldn't hear someone next to me talking. Things I have tried:

    Increasing the voltage from 12V to 36V via a boost converter (and changing the setting in firmware) - resulted is basically no change

    Increasing and decreasing the motor currents with M906 from currents 200-1200ma (and for the heck of it the potentiometers on the drivers themselves) - had some improvement in the higher current ranges but resulted in tons of heat and remaining layer shifting (changed the pitch of the spreadCycle squeal though)

    Lubricating the slider rods - no difference, wasn't much friction to begin with

    Checking belt tension - they all have spring tensioners and are pretty tight

    I have spent ~20 hours total just messing with Gcodes and firmware settings and test prints because of this one problem but I cannot seem to figure it out. Maybe it has something to do with how it jults and slams every time it switches directions? I read about jerk somewhere but can't seem to figure it out, that might not be related anyways. Any help or ideas would be greatly appreciated, thanks in advance!
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